C O M I N G   W O R K S H O P S

Humanistic Italic – Learn how to write this calligraphic beauty

21.06.2020 (suitable for beginners) – at the Malsalon >>

In this course we learn step by step the proportions of this calligraphic script.



We create a calligraphic „image“

11.07.2020 (for people with some experience) – im Malsalon >>

In this course we will get into the capital letters and combine them with the
small ones to „form“ words and texts.

Calligraphic Schreibwerkstatt

Starting from the 7th of September I’m offering a calligraphic workshop at

the Malsalon(www.malsalon.de). It’s suitable for people with some experience.
I’m planning a group project, that could be a calendar. Nevertheless I will be
supporting individual work of every person based on the their specific level.
Procedure and details will be announced on the first appointment. 
If you are
interested and/or have questions, please contact me by email.
 It’s suppose to
be an open project. But a regular participation would be 

DATES: every first Saturday of the month
2019: 7. September, 5. October, 2. November, 7. December
2020: 11. January (instead of 4. Januar), 1. February, 7. March,
2. May, 6. June, 4. July, 1. August