Course Dates 2021


VHS (Volkshochschule)
Calligraphy – a Journey of Discovery

Antiqua and the Basics of modern Calligraphy




Volkshochschule Pankow:
4.9./5.9.2021 (Weekend course)
29.10./5./12./19./26.11./3.12. (Evening course)


Our Latin script is the base for most of our fonts today. We start with the capitals of the well proportioned letters. Than the lowercase letters will foll0w. In the process we try to give it a more and more calligraphic touch. Therefore we use different tools and colors and bring movement into it. Please bring you own text material. Short quotes and poems work best. At the end we will bind our sheets to a handy brochure. The course is suitable for beginners and experienced people. I will hand out all tools.


VHS (Volkshochschule)
Calligraphy – Elegant and pure

Renaissance Italic meets Japanese Haikus


Volkshochschule Schöneberg:
25.9./26.9.2021 (Weekend course, Lichtenrade)

Volkshochschule Pankow:
23.10./24.10.2021 (Weekend course)


This cursive script from the Renaissance  is the raw model for our handwritten script of today. But yet it is based on different single elements, which we exercise quite freely. The next step is to bring this elements together and to understand the slight angle of the script. The lowercase letters give it the typical character and rhythm. In connection we will go after into the more expressive capitals. Short Haikus (three line poems) seem to be a good base to make practicing an exiting experience. At the end we will bind our sheets with a matching Asian binding technic. I will hand out all tools.



Prenzlauer Berg –

Renaissance Italia: 6.11.2021 

Christmas-Special: 4.12.2021 (soon bookable)


Dates for 2022 coming soon