Volkshochschule-Workshops (Website)

31.10./1.11.2020 at VHS Pankow
(KursNr Pa2146H) 

5.12./6.12.2020 at VHS Schöneberg
sold out – waiting list
(KursNr TS260.187H)

»A calligraphic journey of discovery«

We get to know Antiqua and explore the basics of modern calligraphy.

Humanistic Italic
Learn step by step how to write this calligraphic beauty

14./15.11.2020 (suitable for beginners) at VHS Pankow (Website)

In this course we learn step by step the proportions of this calligraphic script. Lower case letters will keep us busy on the first day. The are the most characteristic shapes of the script. The second day is all about the capitals and creating a calligraphic image.

We get into a calming calligraphic Christmas mood

O N L I N E !
13.12.2020 (suitable for all people) at Malsalon >>

Even the basic calligraphic shapes are suitable for a nice ornamental design. We will playful create cards and objects with pen and brush. Even if it requires concentration, its possible to get into a Flow and maybe even leave the busy pre-christmas time behind for a while.